Atlantic Street Center is a nonprofit organization in the Seattle area that serves individuals at every stage of life, from toddlers to grandparents.  The roots of our services are educational,  whether we are:

  • helping a toddler learn words, colors, and numbers
  • providing tutoring to a middle school student
  • helping a new immigrant gain life skills
  • supporting a teen parent while they finish high school and care for a new baby
  • providing  therapy to help families become stronger and healthier

Who we serve

We primarily serve low-income African-American children, youth, and families of color in Seattle’s central and southeast neighborhoods and south King County. Each year, our staff serves more than 3,500 youth and their family members. All services are free. Costs are met through public and private grants and donations.

How we serve

The  goal of every program and service we provide is to help people learn the skills they need to do well in the present, while helping them develop the skills and strengths they need to succeed in the future. We offer…