lb-smallLorrie Baldevia

Atlantic Street has been fighting for families for over a century.  They provide unique services like the “Teens as Parents Program” and I’m proud to support their work!

_dsc1101-9Trinese Clark

I am proud to bring over 20 years of social service experience to the Atlantic Street Board.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to use my talents, skills, and experience to help Atlantic Street Center fulfill its mission to help families and communities raise healthy, successful children and youth.  As an active member of the Seattle community, I care deeply about the quality of care and services being offered to my neighbors and it is a tremendous honor and privilege to serve in this role.

_dsc1121-18Rick Dupree

ASC’s commitment to supporting African American families in particular through education, family development, and mental health/counseling is what compelled me to join the board. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that is working to help our families and community become more self-sufficient and healthy.

_dsc1081-1Brenda Fitch

mkMaurice Kelly

John Martin-8470John Martin

Seattle’s technology-driven growth and prosperity should improve the lives of everyone in the area. I joined the ASC board to help the organization grow and expand its impact by connecting it with talent, resources, and donors from the local high-tech community.

_dsc1091-4Lynne Pearson

I choose to serve on the board of Atlantic Street Center because I believe in their ability to strengthen families. Their commitment to the community allows them to help people make significant life long changes.

msr-smallMarilyn Sanchez-Reid

I love Atlantic Street Center. I chose to join this exciting, dynamic organization because of its mission and dedication to improving the lives of low-income families, children, and youth. I’ve been with ASC for more than 4 years and I have been inspired by all the works and programs to raise healthy and successful children. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization!

_dsc1087-3Margaret Spearmon

Over many years, Atlantic Street Center has provided rich and dynamic learning experiences for future social work professionals.   As a social work educator, joining staff  and the community in the fulfillment of ASC’s mission reflects my deep gratitude and a strong commitment to this organization.

_dsc1154-33Rhonda Staton

In 2016, I began my second opportunity to serve on the board of Atlantic Street Center, and it has been an absolute privilege and honor for me to return to serve on the board.  The support and services that ASC provides in this community to strengthen the life skills for families that will give them the necessary tools and know-how needed to function and persevere in this society is  essential and I want to be part of that movement.  I admire the work of the teen center, an incredible resource for young mothers; the coping skills taught to help families adjust in this society, it is these types of services that are provided by ASC, among others that I feel privileged to associate myself with, and am honored to do my part, as a member of the Resource Development Committee, in helping to elevate the awareness of such a viable service-provider as Atlantic Street Center.

bob_vivian-smallBob Vivian

I have continued to look for non-profits to support over the years and I feel that I am at a point of my life that I have time to give back to the community and have been honored to assist the Atlantic Street Center with any of my skill sets after being in management in various positions for many years in working for a Fortune 500 company.  I want to help the Center grow and assist them in doing the great work they do for the children and families in primarily the South Seattle area.  In being a member of the United Methodist Church, Atlantic Street Center is an important mission of the Church that is designed to help the Community through education, family development, and mental health.

mw-smallMeghan Waddle

Atlantic Street Center’s commitment to wrap around services that focus on social emotional learning is a true blessing for our community. It is a honor to be part of an organization that truly puts education, family development, mental health and youth at the forefront of their mission.

_dsc1150-31Matt Walker

ASC’s historical and on-going commitment to provide strong support to people of all ages in the community is a true blessing.  I understand the impact a strong support network plays in the personal development, especially youth.   I am thankful for the opportunity to help support such an important organization.