We serve within schools, homes, and community settings throughout King County.


By providing wraparound and evidence-based services, we meet the counseling, case management, and advocacy needs that help individuals and families work toward change and success.

We help children, youth, families, and adults.  No experience is necessary, as our therapists and interns work with individuals to help them understand the process and to establish goals.  Areas of focus may include:

  • anxiety, trauma, self-confidence, depression
  • family conflict, parenting, foster care
  • abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse
  • or simply someone to talk to

As part of enrolling in counseling, we  have services that can assist with:

  • educational advocacy/support, employment support, parent coaching
  • connection to community resources, cultural exploration and integration
  • financial matters, legal advocacy and navigation, and housing support

We focus on building a support system that helps people move toward independence. With improved basic needs, our clients can more easily work on their overall mental health.

Who can take part

Our Counseling Program primarily serves low-income youth and families of color, mostly centered around the African-American population.

Those taking part must either have Medicaid insurance or be eligible to receive Medicaid funding. Our team can help you apply for this benefit. If you do not have Medicaid, please ask, as we may be able to provide services through other funding areas.

Schedule of Services

Counseling sessions are scheduled between the therapist and the participant. The number of counseling sessions per month will vary depending on the participant’s needs.

Contact Information

Justin Chu, Program Manager
Mental Health Counseling Program
2103 South Atlantic Street
Seattle, WA, 98144
Main Office: (206) 329-2050
Counseling Fax: (206) 726-8564

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